It seems that a growing number of grammar professionals are becoming less rigid, particularly when it comes to the use of personal pronouns in spoken language. They feel that the rules are too complicated and too difficult for many people to understand. They concede that misuse is OK as long as the listener understands the meaning or intent. As a purist holdout, however, I will continue to cringe when I hear such grammatical mistakes. I did so when I heard Elaine Brye, the woman who introduced Michelle Obama at the DNC, say how pleased she was when “… Obama invited my husband and I to the White House.” I believe there were similar gaffes at the RNC as well.

It may be difficult, but you should fuhgeddaboudit and get on with your life. I’m not sure I can. What do you think?

There’s no cure for this!


About stanleygraphics

I am a veteran graphic designer who started at the time when cut and paste meant an X-acto knife and rubber cement. I use my experience to educate others. I have an intolerance for ignorance and stupidity.
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2 Responses to fuhgeddaboudit

  1. Laura says:

    I am a grammar nerd, but I fear I no longer cringe when I hear people use “I” when they should use “me.” I’m aware of the mistake but I just shrug it off now. I hope that doesn’t mean I’ve lowered my standards.

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