Missed Opportunity for More Revenues and Greater Safety

Most of the time, when you see police on the side of a highway, they are looking for speeders. Many times, drivers find a way to beat speeding tickets and, as a result, a significant portion of that pursuit turns out to be a waste of time.

However, There is a traffic violation that would seem to be harder to beat. That would be New York State’s “windshield wiper” law. In Chapter 10 of the NYS DMV drivers’ manual it states “Rain, fog, or snow makes it harder to see out through your vehicle’s windshield, and difficult for other drivers to see you. New York State law requires you to turn on your vehicle’s headlights whenever the weather conditions would ordinarily require the use of windshield wipers to clear rain, snow, sleet, and other precipitation. ‘Daytime running lights’ do not qualify as headlights.”

Let me emphasize that daytime running lights do not qualify because the tail lights are not on in this lighting mode, thus making it difficult for the car to be seen from the rear. This is an important safety issue since most automobile accidents are rear-end collisions.


Then why are the police not around much in bad weather? When I drive in the rain, I always see a substantial number of vehicles with no lights on at all. Why are the police missing this significant source of revenue that serves to increase safety as well?windshield-wipers


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I am a veteran graphic designer who started at the time when cut and paste meant an X-acto knife and rubber cement. I use my experience to educate others. I have an intolerance for ignorance and stupidity.
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