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This brand of quiz show answers as well as it asks

What is Jeopardy? This post describes my recent experience with Jeopardy. For some time, I have been bothered by the double standard of the show; a strict one for the contestants and somewhat lax one for themselves. Although I had … Continue reading

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There is no “h” in “street”

Then why do thousands of people say “shtreet”? They may also say shtrong, shtripe, shtraight, and many other words containing “str.” Do you? When I was in elementary school in the ’40s we had a periodic class in speech and … Continue reading

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Momentary Corporate Ignorance

Corporations are the main cause of the improper use of “momentarily.” To understand that, all you have to do is to call one of them. More likely than not you will hear an automated voice response such as this one. … Continue reading

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