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Buckle Up!

Why is it that automobile passengers take the precaution of wearing a seat belt in their own cars but are not as compliant in livery vehicles or taxis? It’s the law in New Jersey. On January 18, 2010, legislation was … Continue reading

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Superscripts Are Bad!

One of the biggest offenders in the use of superscripts is Microsoft(R) Word for two reasons: One is that this feature is a default. The other is that the feature is difficult to find and change. As a graphic designer, … Continue reading

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Illiterate Educators

This poster was taped to the wall of the plexiglass shelter at a local bus stop. This was created by a “Professor” no less. Would you sign up for one of his classes?

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Amateur Graphic Designers Are Ignorant

In my work as a graphic designer I have had the occasion to “fix” poor work prepared by amateurs who are seriously lacking in the knowledge regarding what it takes to make a design printable on paper. The first issue … Continue reading

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Microsoft Word: Why Bother?

It’s a waste of time to try to get users of Microsoft Word to learn to format documents without unbridled use of the space bar and multiple use of undefined tab settings. They also should learn that there are better … Continue reading

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