Bad Language

On many occasions I have written about the lack of education with regard to the use of proper English. Last night I heard enough to last me a very long time. I was watching a reality show in which virtually all of the participants are in their early ’20s. None of them had a clue as to the proper use of the personal pronouns “me” and “I” in a sentence.


The main reason for this is poor education. The teaching of grammar is sorely missing from the curriculum in elementary school today.

Furthermore, many of them use the noise word “like” with annoying frequency. One participant used the word as many as four or five  times in a single sentence.

“Like ___________, like _____ like, etc.”






About stanleygraphics

I am a veteran graphic designer who started at the time when cut and paste meant an X-acto knife and rubber cement. I use my experience to educate others. I have an intolerance for ignorance and stupidity.
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