Electronic Monopoly Game — Bad Idea

I read in today’s newspaper about the new electronic version of Monopoly.


When I played Monopoly as a child, the game not only was not only was fun but is was also educational because it required me to do arithmetic. It was the same for my three sons.


We counted money, computed rent and penalties, paid mortgages, and the like. However, the new electronic version takes away all of that. I don’t think that is a good thing.


The use of calculators detracts from the educational benefit and also removes the tactile aspect by eliminating paper money. Having to keep track of the paper money, while being a bit messy, was a lot of fun.

I understand the maker’s profit motive, but I am disappointed in the loss of educational benefit. The use of electronics for simple calculations that could be done mentally is a bad idea.


About stanleygraphics

I am a veteran graphic designer who started at the time when cut and paste meant an X-acto knife and rubber cement. I use my experience to educate others. I have an intolerance for ignorance and stupidity.
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