Amanda’s Post – A Teen’s Perspective

By invitation from me, my 15-year-old granddaughter, Amanda, submitted this post.


Things that Annoy Me: A Teen’s Perspective

As a teen there are many things that annoy me, my friends, and probably other teens as well. Here is a list of ten. They are in no particular order.

  1. Kids/Teens and their comments in school. It isn’t very fun to have kids/teens yelling out “roasted” as their friends are talking back to their teachers. I do not believe in the old saying that “children should be seen and not heard”, but the things these kids say to their teachers are just plain rude. I don’t know if it is just the students at my school but there is just a lack of respect with kids commenting and yelling during class. Plus it is really annoying when there are kids in class trying to get work done but get distracted by the idiots who just want to have some fun.
  1. The fact that schools test students instead of giving them the opportunity to truly learn. The school system pretty much goes like this. Teachers give information to students—whether it is by taking notes or giving them packets—and then they make students memorize meaningless facts so they can answer questions on a test. Sure, there are types of questions that make students think, but seriously. After I take a test, most of the information doesn’t stay in my mind unless I find a way to get the information to spark my interest. I have to do that on my own most of the time, because schools only have enough time to fulfill regulations of the state education system. Only when I had a teacher who let my class experience the information—instead of just stuff it into our minds—did I truly feel like I learned something.frustration
  2. Fustration in the libary. This one is more funny than annoying. There are so many kids who don’t pronounce the second “r” in these two words.
  1. People never look where they are going. I feel like I get knocked into at least a hundred times per school year because kids/teens are on their phones or talking to their friends in the halls. I have gotten hit by backpacks when I’m at my locker and shoved into the wall by rushing students. It seems that kids/teens just can’t be bothered to look around them and see if they are going to hit anyone, or anything. Don’t get me started on Pokemon Go.
  1. I will never understand teens need for coffee. I mean, sure it’s nice to have a little caffeine to get you through a long day of school but the fact that some teens can’t survive without it shows that there is a problem. Teens shouldn’t be drinking coffee. First of all coffee can stunt their growth. Plus, teens shouldn’t be needing coffee this early in life.
  2. Whenever there is a sub in class. If you think that kids/teens are bad with their regular teachers, it becomes ten times worse with subs. Since substitute teachers tend to not really know the students, they don’t really have as much control over them. Students tend to think that since their teacher isn’t there, they can do whatever they want and go crazy. I don’t know if this just happens at my school but if I’m in a class where there is a seating chart, this kids will always sit wherever they want when there is a sub. I don’t know but something in their minds tells them that is it okay to break the rules just because their teacher isn’t here.
  1. When people walk so slowly in the halls. When there is only a limited amount of time to get to class, it is really frustrating when there are people  in front of me who are walking like they have all of the time in the world. What makes it worse is when there is a group of friends who walk in a straight line across the hall all at the same slow pace. What makes it so bad is that you can’t walk around them because they are taking up the entire width of the hallway.
  1. People using Snapchat. I don’t hate snapchat I just find it annoying that people are too busy with sending pictures of themselves looking like cartoon animals to think about the rest of the world. And let’s not forget the faces. Also, I see the students in my class sending pictures to each other using snapchat from different sides of the classroom. How annoying do you think it is for teachers to see their students doing that? I feel bad. Teachers are just trying to do their job and actually get something into their students’ brains and things like Snapchat are just making it harder for them.snapchat
  2. When I bring any sweets to school and everyone comes over to get one. What makes this so annoying is that a lot of people who never talk to me but have known me since kindergarten come over and ask for one of my cupcakes/brownies/etc. They come up to me and say something, “We’ve been friends forever so why don’t you let me have one of your cupcakes”. I’m flattered that they want one and all but the fact that they warp things to get what they want hurts.


  1. When school prepares us for what’s next instead of what is. I feel that whenever I’m in a class, the teacher mentions something about preparing the class for the next test, the next quiz or even the next school year. Why can’t we just learn for the sake of learning?

Here’s a play I wrote called “Ten Things That Annoy Me”


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One Response to Amanda’s Post – A Teen’s Perspective

  1. Good insight! Especially for educators.

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