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Bald is Beautiful

Being bald is not a bad thing. In fact, many men are shaving their heads to look more attractive. Then, there are many who deny their baldness by using longer hairs to cover their bald spot. Who are they fooling? … Continue reading

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Font Foolishness

Many years ago, before the digital age, there was a clever mechanical way to make small adhesive labels. It was made by Dymo, and I own one. It provided a very convenient way to identify stuff. And that, alone, was … Continue reading

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Digital Printing Can Hurt You

If you are not a frequent user of printed products you may be in trouble when you need to reprint something old. If all you have is a mechanical (pasted up board) it is practically worthless. Commercial printers today require … Continue reading

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Raised Printing

I am writing this blog to publicize that an old traditional form of printing is becoming obsolete. Recently, a customer asked me to redesign her informal note cards. The printer I used a few years ago was out of business. … Continue reading

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Lack of Service From Verizon

Forget about trying to reach Verizon. I called their 800 number today and there was a one-hour wait in the queue. How can people get service under such circumstances? Yet they still want me to pay my bill on time.

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