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For Your Entertainment

I listen to the radio a lot and also watch cable news regularly. Quite often I hear words that somebody made up. I thought it would be entertaining for viewers of my posts to see them. progidy electorial asterickses Advertisements

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Grammar 2.1

Trump has been speaking about “feeling badly” about certain things in recent days. However, he and others do not seem to realize that this is grammatically incorrect. The use of the adverb “badly” in that phrase means the the person … Continue reading

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How Do You Say It

When I was a kid, I always heard this item pronounced Q-pon. Now, it would seem that Koo-pon is preferred. What is your preference?

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Special “K”

This post is just for fun. There are: knapsack knee knit knoll knob knock knowledge knuckle knot know knew knife and then there is knish!

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It bothers me when professionals themselves cannot pronounce their own job title correctly. The person that takes care of my dental hygiene is called a hygienist. The correct pronunciation is “hi-jeen-ist” (not “hi-jen-ist”). If you do not believe me, please … Continue reading

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Make Up Your Own Words

While watching cable news, I get to hear many members of Congress speak. To my disappointment, I find many of them unable to speak as well as a mature, supposedly well-educated person should. This representative used the word “essentually” instead … Continue reading

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I am bothered about the incorrect use of “however.” Sadly, I have seen very few examples of its proper use. Does anyone else care? If you do, then go visit this site.

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