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The “sk” combination is difficult for many people to pronounce. That is why they say asterick instead of asterisk. It may also be the reason some people say axe (or aks) instead of ask. However, while researching these words, I … Continue reading

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Eye Dialect

I learned something new today. I discovered this while checking out why some people say “ek-cetera” instead of “etcetera.” Eye dialect is the representation of regional or dialectal variations by spelling words in nonstandard ways, such as writing wuz for … Continue reading

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Y’know Again

The involuntary overuse of “y’know” in speech has become an epidemic, or perhaps even a pandemic. I listen to news on TV quite a lot and I am disturbed and annoyed at the large number speakers (supposedly well educated) who … Continue reading

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Pronunciation 3.0

It is sad when a member of congress cannot pronounce common words used when conducting her business. I was watching TV today when a member of congress spoke about the “Judisherary Committee.”

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As Well (As)

Most people tend to use “as well as” when they are speaking about or writing about a list of things, regardless of the importance of each item. For example: “I keep quarters, a bottle of water, as well as a … Continue reading

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“Febuary” Does Not Bother Me

I am writing this blog just for fun. We are about to enter the second month of the year. It is interesting that its name is always spelled correctly in print. That’s because it is easy to type it, particularly … Continue reading

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Pronunciation 2.1

Heard on the Tennis Channel today: perphrial vision

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