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Broken Zipper

You are a rare person if you’ve never had a zipper pull break off in your hand as you are pulling up a zipper.         The reason zipper pulls break off so easily is that they are … Continue reading

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Mute Point or Moot Point

Sometimes people say what they think they hear without realizing they did not hear it correctly. I know people who do that a lot, but I do not have the desire to correct them. Their loss! For example, the term … Continue reading

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I Found a Workaround

As most computer users know, Apple does not support Flash Player. If you really need to know why, check it out for yourself. As a graphics designer, this has been a problem for me in designing website, since they have … Continue reading

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Compulsory Capitalization

Why do Some people find it Necessary to Capitalize what they believe to be Important Words?

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No More Training Wheels

I recall vividly how I huffed and puffed as I ran up and down the street teaching my three sons how to ride their bicycles. Recently, my youngest son showed me how he taught his children to ride. Actually, they … Continue reading

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