Missing Word Parts

dennist for dentist
senner  for center
fith for fifth
distric attorney for district attorney
buh-in for button
reconize for recognize
foeword for forward

Of course, there are many more. Tell me some of yours.

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Russian Female Tennis Players

It is pathetic that tennis broadcasters consistently mispronounce the names of female tennis players. Addressing this seems to be a lost cause. Apparently, even the players have given up, since they appear to be willing to accept this in the broadcast studios and on the courts.

I have tried my best to do something about this and have had no success. There is even a web page that explains in great detail how to pronounce these names. Am I the only one who has seen it?


Lucie Safarova, a Czech with a Russian name, pronounces her name



As can be seen, the emphasis is on the last syllable.

Not Saf-a-RO-va.

It is peculiar that when she made a promotional video for the Tennis Channel, she pronounced her name correctly (course), yet the other voice (in the very next sound byte) pronounced it incorrectly.

French pronunciation is also a problem. Justine Henin’s name should be pronounced as follows:

The first syllable “en” is correctly pronounced as in “en garde” and the “in” is pronounced as in “Pierre Cardin.” Yet the sportscasters, who may be hard of hearing, say “ennuh.”

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What Do I Know?

Y’know, there are many explanations as to why so many people, y’know,  punctuate their sentences with the phrase “y’know” frequently. I disagree with all of them.

My theory, y’know, is that, y’know, it is, y’know, used simply out of habit—a very bad habit. I am sure, y’know, that most people, y’know, are not aware, y’know, that they are saying it so much.




It turns me off so much that I stop listening to what they are saying. I am thankful that it is not used in writing, as in this blog. While it is easy to use the phrase when speaking, it is extremely difficult to replicate it in writing.

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Monthly Period

What is so particular about this word that even on medical shows they cannot pronounce it correctly?

The term for a woman’s monthly period is menstruate (men-stru-ate). So why do they pronounce it menstrate most of the time?

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End of the Month

It’s the end of the month, and February still has two Rs, but rarely anyone cares.

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Carrot and Stick

It bothers me that the metaphor of the carrot and the stick has become perverted. To me it describes the holding of a stick with a carrot on a string at the end of it and dangling it in front of a donkey to motivate it to move. Any other interpretation does not hold up under simple analysis.

Current thinking regards the carrot as a reward and the stick as punishment. This implies that the driver had two sticks—one to dangle the carrot and one to strike the donkey. Or, he could have turned the single stick around as appropriate, either to punish the donkey or motivate it.

Does this make sense to you?

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All Systems Failed: Massacres Continue

Despite all that was in place and the available information to prevent yet another senseless slaughtering of children, the incident still happened.

People knew of the threat.
The government knew of the threat.
The FBI knew of the threat.
The local police knew of the threat.
Society knew of the threat.
The security guard knew of the threat.



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