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End of the Month

It’s the end of the month, and February still has two Rs, but rarely anyone cares. Advertisements

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“Febuary” Does Not Bother Me

I am writing this blog just for fun. We are about to enter the second month of the year. It is interesting that its name is always spelled correctly in print. That’s because it is easy to type it, particularly … Continue reading

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Feb-U-ary is Coming Again

During my TV viewing, I have seen many promotional pieces announcing new shows coming up next month, in the month of Feb-u-ary. In fact, most people pronounce it that way. I checked it out. As I saw on recently on … Continue reading

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Spell it like you say it!

There are many precedents for changing the spelling and pronunciation of words. In some parts of the country people say “INsurance” and elswhere they say “inSURance.” Some people say “jewelry” and others say “jewlery.” One word that most people seem … Continue reading

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