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More for Your Entertainment

More words that are mispronounced: Heard on MSNBC He is a “prevert” (pronounced “preevert”) One would think that if you know what that is, you would be able to pronounce it correctly. Advertisements

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Special “K”

This post is just for fun. There are: knapsack knee knit knoll knob knock knowledge knuckle knot know knew knife and then there is knish!

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One Word or Two?

Quite often, word differences are not recognized when they are spoken, but the differences are clear when they are written. The word “awhile” and the phrase “a while” are quite different, although they may sound alike. According to dictionary. com: … Continue reading

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Make up your mind II

Sign makers cannot seem to get it right, even within the same property.      

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Toilet Trivia

I had a flood in my bathroom yesterday when the toilet overflowed. This could happen to you if the user does not understand how a toilet works, because the operation is counterintuitive, Many people believe that turning the handle on … Continue reading

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