What’s My Line?

In 1958, there was a game show in which panelists had to ascertain the occupation of a guest.

During the life of the show, I do not recall anyone who was a dental hygienist. However, I am writing about this particular occupation that no one seems to pronounce correctly (not the person who works for my dentist, not my dentist, not a friend who is one, and not a family member who is one). In addition, it is pronounced incorrectly by the actor in a commercial for a popular toothbrush.

They all say “hy-jenn-ist.”

I have no clue as to why.

To set the record straight, the correct pronunciation is to simply add  “ist” to the word “hygiene” (hy-jeen-ist).

Although I never have seen a male hygienist, they do exist.



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Whose job is it anyway?

For a long time now, I have been complaining to the sports networks regarding the way their commentators mispronounce the names of Russian professional women tennis players.

Today. I got the thought that this may be the wrong approach. Why are the players themselves not doing anything about it?

I went on the internet today to check out the correct way to pronounce Sharapova.

Readers may check this out at  http://rightpronunciation.com/languages/russian/maria-sharapova-3318.asp?id1=19&page=1. You will have to go there to actually hear it. What you will hear is “Sher-ah-p’VAH ” (with the accent on the last syllable).

Similarly, you will find that Makarova is pronounced M’kar-uh-VAH (Not Mack-a-ROH-vuh). Interestingly, as I listened to the TV during Wimbledon, I could hear the referee pronounce the name of Makarova correctly, yet this fell on deaf ears in the broadcast booth.

When I looked up the rules for pronouncing Russian names, I found them simple to understand. Women’s names differ from men’s names in the same family in that the suffix “va” is added. Maria Sharapova’s father’s name is Yuri Sharapov.

As for my crusade, I am giving up. If the women do not care enough to take action, the so be it.

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Slowpoke Drivers

It’s bad enough that traffic is slow because the roads are crowded. Slow drivers in the left lane make it even worse.

Today there was a car in the left lane with the right-turn signal on, driving at 50 mph in a 55 mph zone. Ugh!


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Not a Bang, But a Whimper

For the last few years, I have felt that the world would not end with a bang

 but with a whimper.

The world will come to an end when nothing gets done any more.

My recent experience with newspaper delivery is a good example of this. But first, a little bit of background.

Phase One—The Paper Boy

All three of our sons did the paper boy gig in their teens. It was not always easy and we drove them around in inclement weather and even delivered their papers when they were unable to.

Phase Two—Adult drivers

The paperboy has largely disappeared. Newspapers are delivered by adults who throw the papers out of the windows of their vehicles. No one even tries to get the newspaper next to the door with the name of the paper right side up. The customer is lucky if the paper is not out by the curb buried in snow by the snow plow.

Phase Three ???

I spent almost an hour on the phone yesterday with the circulation manager of a major NY newspaper. He explained that recruiting drivers today is in crisis. Companies have even been offering bonuses as incentives, but with little success.

To restate my original premise, “the world will end when nothing gets done any more.”

How long have you been on hold while waiting for a customer service agent to pick up your call?


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Seriously Stupid

Here are the facts:
1. I have two cars.
2. I subscribe to Sirius XM on both cars.

3. Both subscriptions are in my name.
4. I received a subscription offer in the mail.
5. The offer was to activate a portable radio I do not own.

After I cleared up the issue of the radio I did not own, I took the opportunity to pay for a renewal on a subscription that was about to expire. I was quoted a price of about $191.00, which I considered too expensive. I asked for a better price. I was told that there was a family price of about $143.00.

I am family! I have two cars in my name. Then why was I not offered that price in the first place?


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Nice going, Avery!

When I blog about customer service, usually it is a complaint. This time it is praise.

I use many Avery products (labels, index cards, business cards, and the like).

I had a problem recently with their #8471 business cards.

After the sheet of cards is printed, folding them on the perforations is supposed to break them apart. Unfortunately, they did not separate cleanly and there were rough edges. The fact that they were heavy weight may have contributed to the problem.

I called there support phone number and explained the problem. The agent was cordial and offered to replace the box. I was reluctant to accept that since I was concerned that I would have the same problem. So I requested he substitute #5371, a lighter weight card that I had success with.

However, the #5371 cards came with only 250 cards in the package vs. 1,000 for the #8471 cards. Without hesitation, he agreed to send four packages of the lighter cards.

What more could I ask?

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Missing Word Parts

dennist for dentist
senner  for center
fith for fifth
distric attorney for district attorney
buh-in for button
reconize for recognize
foeword for forward

Of course, there are many more. Tell me some of yours.

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