Oral Excision

Dr. Ronny Jackson, the physician who examined Donald Trump recently, needs to have something surgically removed—part of his vocabulary.


On the day Dr. Jackson gave his report on the health of Mr. Trump, he punctuated almost every sentence with the viral expression “y’know.” To make it worse, most of the time he used it twice in the same sentence, and sometimes three times.

I know a lot of people who have that virus. There does not seem to be a cure.



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Fake Goofs

It diminishes my ability to enjoy a movie or TV, but I always watch with the hope that nothing stupid is contained in it. Quite often, however, there is a goof. When that happens, I always wonder if was accidental or intentional.

When it is blatantly wrong or out of place, I cannot help believing that it was intentional.

The other night, I was watching a funeral scene on the Major Crimes TV show. A cadre of police officers were saluting (see image) as the casket of the commander was carried by. When the casket had passed, the police chief commanded “present arms” and the police dropped their salute. Actually, “present arms” is the command to initiate the salute.

As most people know, the correct command to drop the salute is “order arms.”

I don’t get this glaring mistake.

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Sponge Boob

Sometimes it can be extremely difficult to find the refill or replacement part for a product you bought. Such was the case with my sponge mop.

I tried for several days, at stores and online, to get a replacement sponge for this mop. Finally, I called the company. When the customer service representative asked me for the model number of the mop, I was at a loss. It was nowhere to be found. Neither was there any identification (model name, model number, or part number) on the mop or the sponge.That information may have been on the packaging which, of course, is long gone.

I did the best to describe the mop and the sponge, even resorting to taking measurements. It took a while, but eventually we were able to identify the mop and sponge refill. The mop number is #3960 and the refill number is #3961.

My online experience was weird because some of the product descriptions were confusing and ambiguous. Others were simply vague. As can be seen below, the refill is described as being 9 inches wide in the description section and 11 inches wide in the specifications section.








To add to the confusion, the product code on the Libman website was #3020, not #3960.

Of course, the product information should have been embossed or engraved onto the product itself to make it easier for everyone. However, when I asked the customer service representative about that, I got a typical response.


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Norelco Made Good

It took a while, but Norelco finally made up for their poor customer service performance. Please see my November 6th post for details about my request for a case that would hold all the accessories and components that came with the shaver.

There were many phone calls and emails to escalate the issues.

When I finally reached someone at the executive office, I received a case large enough to hold all of the components and accessories.

I was also able to get an accessory that the previous customer
service agents said was no longer available.


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The Polls Have it Wrong

It bothers me when pollsters claim to have meaningful results regarding opinions about the upcoming tax bill.

First of all, the people taking the poll do not know exactly what is in the tax bill.

Second, much of their knowledge is based on hearsay.

Third, no one really knows if the predictions about what the bill will achieve will come true.

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More for Your Entertainment

More words that are mispronounced:

Heard on MSNBC

He is a “prevert” (pronounced “preevert”)

One would think that if you know what that is, you would be able to pronounce it correctly.

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