Make Up Your Own Words

While watching cable news, I get to hear many members of Congress speak. To my disappointment, I find many of them unable to speak as well as a mature, supposedly well-educated person should.

This representative used the word “essentually” instead of “essentially” in her comments.

She also said “ek setera” when she spoke.

I hope she is more articulate with regard to forming legislation than she is at speaking.

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Verizon Still Doesn’t Get It

I had three FiOS set-top boxes and decided to return one.

That part of the process was easy. I was sent a “return kit” consisting of packing materials and a prepaid label.

Then, things went wrong. The representative offered to show me an estimate of what my new bill would look like. What showed up on my screen looked exactly like my old bill, still showing that I had three set-top boxes (she called them “set-up boxes”).

I tried to explain that it had the wrong number of boxes in the estimate. She explained that the change would not show up until Verizon received the box I sent. WHAT?

Clearly, the document was not a true estimate. I tried for 15 minutes to explain why. It was a waste of time.


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Reply to Medical Appointments

The use of digital devices by medical professionals to remind patients about appointments is increasing.

However, there is a major glitch in the way this is being implemented. Emails and text messages are being sent without any provision for reply.

That is not the big problem. The big problem occurs when the communication is sent to the wrong person. There is no way for that recipient to correct this. I know, because I have been the recipient of such dispatches at an increasing rate.

I hope this blog will inspire people to do something about it.

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I am bothered about the incorrect use of “however.” Sadly, I have seen very few examples of its proper use. Does anyone else care? If you do, then go visit this site.

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Why do we say “uncle” when admitting defeat? The only facts we know for sure are that it’s strictly a North American phrase, and that it first appeared in written English in 1918.

I am saying “uncle” with regard to “momentarily.”

When I first learned the word, its meaning was “for a moment,” as in
He paused momentarily before entering the room.

In North America, much to my chagrin, it has come to mean “in a moment” as well, leaving it up to the listener to determine its meaning from the context.

As many of you must know, it is common practice for flight attendants to announce that “the plane will be landing momentarily.Clearly, they do not mean that the plane will be landing for a moment and will then become airborne again.

Why not save seven letters and four syllables and just say “soon”?



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What is It?

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If we have it, it’s in aisle 25!

The Lowe’s store in Rosedale NY is about as long as a city block.

As I entered the store, I asked the man at the service desk where I could find a flagpole. He suggested I try the seasonal department, which happened to be at the opposite end of the store, to see if they carry that item. That answer was not acceptable, so I insisted on a better one. In response, he paged the seasonal manger. No one responded.

This 82-year-old man with limited mobility was not looking forward to schlepping the length of the store on the speculation that he would find the product he was looking for. Unfortunately, he had to do it any way.

So much for customer service.

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