Monthly Period

What is so particular about this word that even on medical shows they cannot pronounce it correctly?

The term for a woman’s monthly period is menstruate (men-stru-ate). So why do they pronounce it menstrate most of the time?

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End of the Month

It’s the end of the month, and February still has two Rs, but rarely anyone cares.

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Carrot and Stick

It bothers me that the metaphor of the carrot and the stick has become perverted. To me it describes the holding of a stick with a carrot on a string at the end of it and dangling it in front of a donkey to motivate it to move. Any other interpretation does not hold up under simple analysis.

Current thinking regards the carrot as a reward and the stick as punishment. This implies that the driver had two sticks—one to dangle the carrot and one to strike the donkey. Or, he could have turned the single stick around as appropriate, either to punish the donkey or motivate it.

Does this make sense to you?

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All Systems Failed: Massacres Continue

Despite all that was in place and the available information to prevent yet another senseless slaughtering of children, the incident still happened.

People knew of the threat.
The government knew of the threat.
The FBI knew of the threat.
The local police knew of the threat.
Society knew of the threat.
The security guard knew of the threat.



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Olympics Got it Right

Usually, my blogs are critical and often controversial. This time, however, I must take the time to compliment the broadcasting staff.congratulations

Not one time did I hear anyone say ATH-A-LETE!olympic-rings

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Stand-alone Smoke Detectors Are Not Enough

If you utilize stand-alone smoke detectors (those that are just mounted on the wall), you must be in the house in order to hear the alarm. Even then, you may not hear it if you are in a deep sleep. Unfortunately, sellers of such alarms do not caution you about that.

But what if you are not home—on vacation, or even out for a short errand.

To be protected at all times, you must have a system that is monitored by a central office.

Check with your insurance carrier to see if a central office monitored system is required for you to qualify for a reduced rate.


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What’s in a Name?

For as long as I can remember, I have known the importance of pronouncing and spelling a person’s name correctly. Sadly, people who should know better do not exercise the care they should in this regard. These include many prominent television broadcasters and myriad government officials. Some of them are even more pathetic in that they pronounce the same name multiple ways within a single sound bite.


I wonder if it bothers them.

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