CorelDRAW Non-Support

I have been using CorelDRAW since Version 1 was introduced in 1989. I have been a loyal user until now, but I am having second thoughts because of this recent experience.

I am now using Version 17 (X7, as it is also called). The problem is that certain kinds of files created by Adobe Illustrator will not import correctly into Corel. In some cases, pieces are missing, and in others, extraneous elements are present.

Through over a dozen emails, I have tried to explain the problem. They have been stubborn and proposed a remote session to resolve it.

As a veteran computer user (since Windows software was released in 1985), I was convinced that this approach would not work since the problem was in the Corel software itself, not with my computer. To support this, I searched the Internet and found myriad references posted by others with the same problem. I also had my son test the files  on his computer with a different copy of the software. The result were identical. He has a Dell computer running Windows 10. I have an HP computer running Windows 7 Home Premium.

Finally, my insistence on escalating the service ticket seems to have been initiated. Here is their latest communication.

Arlene (Corel)
Mar 21, 12:36 EDT
Hello Stanley,
This email is referencing your ticket 4082018. I require further assistance on this matter and will be seeking the help of our next level of support. I will get back to you shortly with a proposed answer to the issue at hand. If deemed necessary, you may be further contacted by another agent for advanced support. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Breaking News!

I just got a response from a Level 2 technician.

This was a known problem!

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Pronunciation 3.0

It is sad when a member of congress cannot pronounce common words used when conducting her business.

I was watching TV today when a member of congress spoke about the “Judisherary Committee.”

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Many Commercial Printers in Trouble

This week I received a request from a customer to reorder something I printed a year ago. I found that the printer I had used had sold his business. To make things worse, the buyer kept only part of  it, excluding the kind of work I needed.

I struggled for a week to find a printer who could meet my needs. The first one I found  claimed to have 50 years experience dealing with the wholesale trade.

I went to their website. It was poorly designed and I could not find the product I wanted. So I emailed them. After 24 hours without a response. I tried calling them, but no one picked up the phone until I selected the option “accounting department.” I explained my frustration and finally reached someone who, in theory, would help me. That was two days ago.

After several more phone calls and emails, I finally got a quote. It was outrageously high.

Today I found another printer. They had what I needed. It took less than an hour. A few minutes later (yes,  minutes), I received a proof for approval. Minutes later, the job was on the press. By the way, the price was half of what was quoted by the previous printer, and the quantity was 25% larger.


The moral of the story is that old-time printers cannot survive in this era of large, modern, digitized, and highly automated commercial printers. The entire process (ordering, approving, plating, and going on press) were fully automated by simple instructions provided by me from my desktop computer.

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Boo Fedex

Today I received the worst delivery ever, and it was botched by

I received two large, very heavy boxes of furniture. The driver never rang the bell. However, he placed the boxes at my front door in a manner that prevented me from opening the door. My storm door opens outward.

I complained to the furniture company. No help. I did not waste my time calling FedEx.

A lot of people do not care any more.

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As Well (As)

Most people tend to use “as well as” when they are speaking about or writing about a list of things, regardless of the importance of each item. For example: “I keep quarters, a bottle of water, as well as a box of tissues in my car.”

To me, this says that the quarters and water have been added to the box of tissues that is already there. This is not the same as “I keep quarters and a bottle of water in my car, and a box of tissues as well.” In this construction, the tissues are the afterthought.

Which is the afterthought in each of these sentences? “There were many members of activist organizations at the meeting, as well as unaffiliated people.” Or “There were many members of activist organizations at the meeting, and unaffiliated people as well.”

Does it really make a difference? My pedantic self says it does. It is a matter of where to place the emphasis.

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Due Diligence

When ever I receive a request to bid on a new job, I perform due diligence to avoid potential problems. Today I was asked to quote a price for a new business card. The information included a web address. When I typed the address into my browser, this is what popped up.



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Grammy Fashions 2017

No Comment!


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