Growing Stuff

My reason for writing about this is that it provides the opportunity for me to express my rage about the term “growing your business.” It’s just plain wrong! You do not “grow” children either; you “raise” them or “bring them up.”

To me, the concept of “growing” stuff will always describe an agricultural endeavor. You plant a seed in the ground, care for it by providing water and, if appropriate, nutrition.

This is how it works with carrots and tomatoes.





This is not how it works with a business.


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Sour Milk

I have dry cereal with milk for breakfast almost every day. I keep the milk well refrigerated and pay close attention to the expiration date. This year, however, I have had to dispose of more spoiled milk than any time in the past.

I think the explanation relates to the hot weather. Milk carriers make deliveries early in the morning, before the supermarket employees report to work. The overheated milk begins to spoil in the hot sun and, as a consequence, does not make it to the stated expiration date.

Despite my complaints to involved parties, no one seems to really care. Customer service failed again. When I return the milk for a refund, it is treated as an annoyance, not a call to action.


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Amazon Failed Delivery—Again

The product I ordered recently was supposed to come yesterday.

However, the product never arrived even though I was notified that it was delivered.

Actually, it was dropped off at the Post Office for pickup.

There is no way that I am going to the Post Office to get it, particularly since I am a “Prime” customer.

So, I called the Customer Care Department to complain. They issued me a full refund and will still deliver the product, albeit a day or so later. Small price to pay!

Who’s smiling now?

P.S. It would seem that the reason Amazon did not blink about sending the refund is that they charge the sale back to the vendor.

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Who Made It Anyway?

The label on a product usually describes who made it.

The most common wording is “MFG by.” Obviously, that label was created by someone unfamiliar with the appropriate abbreviations, possibly due to a lack of fluency in English.

When I checked this out, this is what I found:


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A Meaty Condition

It gives me cause to wonder if anyone supervises information posted to some websites.

This information was posted recently on the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center website. It is in the section dealing with registration for programs. All players must be evaluated. This is an excerpt from the rules regarding such evaluations.

The addition of the image of the steak was mine.

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New York City Elite High Schools

There is a big debate going on with many people demanding that these three elite NYC high schools (Stuyvesant High School, Bronx High School of Science, and Brooklyn Technical High School) change their admission requirements so as to achieve a more diversified student mix. At present admission is by a test in effect since 1971. There is no question that this has created  a disparity between the student mix at these schools and the student mix in the school population as a whole.

What bothers me is that those who are demanding changes to the admission process are missing the point. The student makeup itself is what makes these schools elite. To change this would be harmful in three ways. First, it would deprive some elite students of a seat. Second, it would make the schools less elite by changing the composition of the student body. Third, the benefit to the higher-level students would be diminished.


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