Elevator Up or Down?

Imagine you are standing in the corridor outside an elevator.

You are on the fourth floor and you want to go down. However, the elevator is currently on the first floor. Which button do you press? Do you press the UP button because you want the elevator to come up from the first floor and go to the fourth floor to pick you up, or do you press the DOWN button because you want to GO down after the elevator comes up to your floor?




You press the down button. You always press the button in the direction you want to go. The elevator operating system is smart. It knows where the elevator is, it knows where you are, and it knows where you want it to go after it picks you up.

You never press the button based on how you want the elevator to travel so that it comes to you. You want it to stop at your floor ONLY if it is going in the direction you want to go. Otherwise, it will waste time by stopping at your floor unnecessarily.


Enough time is wasted without your help.


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Bad Alignment

There is no question that a large number of computer users rely heavily on vendors of certain products they use to make life easier for them. One such product is a template.

Avery, the company that makes labels such as those used for mailing, offers a template that supposedly makes it easy to create them in Microsoft Word. However, novices will have difficulty creating the labels such that the text in the document actually lines up with the labels on a sheet like this.

The problem for the novice is that the labels could print like this. And when you peel them off you lose the first character of each line.

However, by adding a small indent to the text style, the error is corrected.

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How Do You Say It

When I was a kid, I always heard this item pronounced Q-pon. Now, it would seem that Koo-pon is preferred.

What is your preference?

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More Babel

It would seem that cable news is a bountiful source of material for my blog.

Today, the weather man on MSNBC spoke about factors that would EXASPERATE the effects of the storm in Texas.

As most of you will know, the word is EXACERBATE.

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Special “K”

This post is just for fun.

There are:

and then there is knish!

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It bothers me when professionals themselves cannot pronounce their own job title correctly.

The person that takes care of my dental hygiene is called a hygienist. The correct pronunciation is “hi-jeen-ist” (not “hi-jen-ist”). If you do not believe me, please check it out.

On another note, this image was hard to find because some people assume that all dental hygienists are female.

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Back Pain Warnings


The reason I am writing this is to warn people about the pitfalls of self treatment, in particular for back pain.


There are many commercials and advertisements for treatment of back pain, but it is important to consult with a physician before resorting to self treatment with pills and various devices to avoid undesired consequences.


For example, it was recently recommended to me that I should get an elastic back support to ease my back pain. Before doing so, I consulted my physician. He said absolutely DO NOT do that. I have elected not to provide the reason because each case is unique.



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